ARES Kinesiology Tape EXTREME Pack (Black & Blue)

2-Pack ARES Kinesiology Tape EXTREME Pack (Black & Blue)

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Product Details
- Unit Size: 5cm x 5m (2.5 inch x 16.4 ft)
- Available color: Metallic gold, Metallic blue, Metallic pink, Metallic black
- Individual package for 1 roll including Mini-Guide (Instructions)
- Retailer package for 6 rolls
- Master carton for 120 rolls

Why ARES Extreme Tape?
- Intensified elasticity more effective to reduce severe muscle conditions (Elasticity↑)
- Enhanced adhesive strength suitable for extreme sports activities (Adhesive Strength↑)
- 1.5 times increased moisture absorbency, fast to dry after wet conditions (Absorbency↑, Expulsive Power↑)
- Increased air-permeability, very comfortable to wear (Air-Permeability↑)
- Light to wear and much skin-friendly (Feeling of Irritation↓)
- Nicely lustrous and silky in rich brilliant colors
- Feeling cool on the skin and very soft to wear

- Latex-free hypoallergenic cotton fiber tape
- Acrylic heat-activated backing
- No medicinal properties
- Approximately same thickness and weight of skin
- Comfortable to wear
- Can be worn in pool and shower (water-resistant)

- Treat sport injuries and general muscle pain
- Promote blood/lymph circulation and healing
- Support for muscles and joints
- Prevent injuries and fatigue
- Enhance performance