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ARES Kinesiology CROSS Tape Type C

ARES Kinesiology CROSS Tape Type C

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Product Details
1) Product Type:
- Type A (3 lines x 4 lines, 3mm in width) 1 sheet = 9 strips
- Type B (3 lines x 4 lines, 4mm in width) 1 sheet = 6 strips
- Type C (5 lines x 6 lines, 4mm in width) 1 sheet = 2 strips
2) Available color: Beige
3) Packing: 20 sheets / individual package, 120 packs/master carton

- Self-adhesive and easy to wear
- Permeable to sweat and breathable
- Can be used in conjunction with ARES kinesiology tape
- Water-resistant
- Latex-Free and hypo-allergenic adhesive (Skin-friendly↑)

- Stimulates the energy gates (meridians)
- Harmonizes the trigger points and the meridians
- Improves in movement limitations
- Recovers for muscular and joint pain
- Minimizes discomforts such as indigestion and headache
- Improves blood/lymph circulation
- Increases the body's natural healing power

Do not use for serious skin injuries and open wounds under risk of infection. Stop using once allergic
reactions to tape materials occur.